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To Tempt A Scandalous Lord will be out June 21, 2021!

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

My next book release, To Tempt A Scandalous Lord, will be out June 21st! It marks the end of my debut series, Once Upon A Scandal, and I'm feeling a little emotional about it. Niall, the scandalous lord in question, has lived in my head for years, and it was so satisfying to write his HEA with Alicia, Countess Lindsay (who's lived in my head just as long). These two have a contentious relationship, with my editor remarking at one point in the book, "I see these two are up to their bullshit again." :-)

I've seen the mock-up of the cover, and it is GORGEOUS! As soon as I get the go ahead to share it, I will! Stay tuned for its reveal and preorder links.

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