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My lady-in-disguise book is on sale for only .99¢! Lady Flora Campbell is sassy, brassy, and definitely smart-assy, and she knows exactly what she wants: to own her own horse stud farm. And she's determined to learn from the best, and the best is Christian Andrews, the Marquess of Amstead. If only he wasn't so charismatic...and annoyingly handsome. Christian Andrews has only ever cared about his horses, racing his horses, and charming beautiful women. But when tragedy strikes, he throws himself into rebuilding his family's legacy, no matter the cost. When he learns his assistant trainer is not a he but a she, Christian doesn't know whether to sack her or kiss her. I have a deep love for Flora and Christian and their equine co-stars. Some reviewers have said Flora is too selfish, and others have said Christian's too alpha, and they're not wrong. Why not decide for yourself? The ebook is only .99¢ after all. ;-) BUY NOW!

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